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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Back to Lakeside State Park on Lake Ontario in early June to see Lily's dance recital in Brockport and Sky performing in a theater production in Rochester. Stayed in the A loop this time, left Pepper home with from Matt who came and stayed at the house. A loop is a no pet loop and was definitely much quieter. We like this park although sites can be wet after rain. 

And as we generally do in the summer the RV stays up on the hill at our farm. Such a lovely stop, quiet and tranquil and a great view. At night the starts and lightning bugs are a site to behold. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Spent 9 wonderful days again at Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina. This year we had myself and Posie, Zak, Sophie and Lily. Sky was busy with a theater production and couldn't make it. It's still our favorite place to camp. Weather was between 75-85. Wonderful beach days and found a couple good fish markets in Murrells Inlet. Worst part of the vacation was the wind that started on our way home on Friday and continued almost all of Saturday. A real knuckle clincher, but we make it. Already have our reservations for next April.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Quick weekend getaway with Ron and Jeanne to Newicks Lobster House in Dover New Hampshire last weekend. The lobster was great, the traffic was horrible. Makes us glad we live in Schoharie County. Stayed at Great Bay Camping in Newfields NH. Private, out of the way campgrounds. A little expensive compared to state or national parks but it was nice enough. We were camped right on the Squamscott River, part of the Great Bay. It was quiet and we played a mean game of horse shoes. The horse shoe pit was right across from our camp. Next time would try and stay off the interstates and find a back way in. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Was great spending time out in Western NY at Lakeside State Park. Weather was perfect, Campgrounds were right on the lake and we got to spend time with our 9 year old Grand Daughter Lily and see her dance recital. Next outing, Letchworth State Park, the Grand Canyon of the east.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

So this is the start of Posie and Dennis's RV Traval Blog. We bought our 2015 Jayco Greyhawk 30' RV in February of 2017. Since then we've traveled to South Carolina, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, around New York State and to Key Largo. We hope to, as time continues, make this a lifestyle. We'll keep you posted.

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